10/13/19 Fitness by Jacflash's Full Moon Cleanse + Release Yoga Workshop with Anamaya Wellness

On Sunday evening Fitness by Jacflash had a Full Moon Cleanse + Release Yoga Workshop with Anamaya Wellness.

On Sunday evening Fitness by Jacflash had a Full Moon Cleanse + Release Yoga Workshop with Anamaya Wellness.

This session was lead and instructed by Anja Todorovic of Anamaya Wellness.


We also had Soleaf tea supply us with tea for the evening!


And we were thrilled to have Olive & Splash come with a rack of their ethically sourced collection of unisex, eco-friendly bamboo athleisure clothing.

In the first portion of the workshop attendees were taken through interactive group exercises to explore and debunk existing patterns, harmful programming + beliefs that are held around our worthiness to live life on our own terms, our connection to our authentic self, voice and expression, what obstacles are standing in our way, what situations or people we’re holding onto that are no longer serving us and our purpose and so on.

In the second portion of the workshop attendees were taken through a healing and restorative yoga practice. We unravelled and unwound from our action-packed and demanding week with a gently flowing yoga class incorporating fewer poses, and longer holds supported with the appropriate use of props, by soft glowing candle light. The sequences were designed to release, open up, twist out and create space in our body, connecting you back to our breath with each movement, and bringing us to a place of ease and stillness, calming the mind and bringing our body into the state of the parasympathetic system.

Spaces by Jacflash Bathroom Design Combining a Timeless, Sophistication with Contemporary Freshness


Your master bathroom deserves nothing but luxury. Spaces by Jacflash designed a custom cut herringbone floor to complement the statuario tile covering this bathroom’s shower walls and tub's surround. The vanity was our chance to make a true statement, so we opted for a custom designed and made, stylish wood, shaker style vanity and added brass knobs for a touch of glamour. Spaces by Jacflash opted for a round, beveled mirror to offset the harsher square shapes in the vanity and we swapped out the old, mediocre door knobs with these custom beautiful, brass ones. This one-of-kind, elegant design combines both a timeless, sophistication with contemporary freshness.

09/24/19 Fall In Love with Yourself & How to Flatter your Fabulous Figure with Fitness by Jacflash and TV Fashion Expert & Fashion Stylist Cindy Conroy.

Last night Fitness by Jacflash hosted a workshop at Poa Studio with the brilliant Fashion TV stylist Cindy Conroy.

To find out more information about Cindy, check out her site here!


In this beautiful and intimate workshop, we all opened up to have an honest dialogue about our bodies as women. We discussed the beauty we process and the confidence each of us should have. The reality is sometimes we don’t have confidence, and though you may look at another woman and think she is perfect, she too has her insecurities. Cindy talked to us about harnessing our confidence and how beauty comes in different forms. She highlighted some of the real issues that us women, face- and gave us solutions!

Cindy brought 3 models, all with different body types to show how to dress our fabulous frames and discussed why each was wearing her selected picks.

This was such an empowering, beautiful event and I am so grateful to have been a part of it. Thank you to Catherine Poa Studio for hosting us and thank you to Maria Bhokari for capturing the evening with your beautiful photos. and thank you of course to Cindy Conroy for guiding us in such a powerful evening!

Also special thank you to @shopraere for the beautiful lashes for all of the attendees!