Fitness by Jacflash goes on a fieldtrip to Krav Maga Toronto!

We were thrilled to host this special self-defence workshop at Krav Maga Toronto (KMT)! Rob Ferreira, owner and founder of KMT, led us through a series of exercises that can be applied to real-life situations. For example, we learned how to “pluck” in order to get out of a choke hold, and how to get on our feet if someone has us pinned down on the ground.

Goodie bags were sponsored by Genuine Health, Made Good, HUE, and Pure Anada. Fiji water and Revitasize juice kept us hydrated throughout the workout! We had special Fitness by Jacflash x KMT cards for everyone to reflect and write the top 3 things they learned in the workshop. Afterwards, Rob led everyone in a discussion about their experiences as women living downtown and we shared tips and tricks for safety.

Spaces by Jacflash Transforms Blake Carter's Living and Dining Room into a Chic Uptown Oasis

We had so much fun working on this project with 93-5 The Move’s lovely host, Blake Carter. We transformed Blake’s small, dysfunctional townhouse into a chic and airy living space with the intention that every piece of furniture we chose brought function and practicality with it.

We had the main wall in the dining room wallpapered in a Dalmatian print, adding warmth and texture to the space. 

The statement piece we chose for the dining area was a teardrop capiz chandelier, making the otherwise small room feel grand in scale. The tin-framed band of brass on the chandelier ties in the accessories in brass and black, making these pieces stand out but ultimately contribute to the unified aesthetic. 

The living area is colourful and eclectic: we accessorized with vintage items, personal pictures, and some modern pieces like the ottoman and side tables, giving the room personality and a comfortable feel. 

Overall we utilized every inch of the rooms to the fullest, maximizing function and allowing Blake to enjoy her new living space! 

09/25/18 Fitness by Jacflash Women’s Power Yoga Workshop with Kay Ghajar, The Wellness Witches, and special guest Sophie Lukacs on the kora!

On Tuesday September 25th, Fitness by Jacflash hosted another Women’s Power Yoga Workshop with Yoga Instructor Kay Ghajar, The Wellness Witches (Jennifer and Renata), and a very special guest musician Sophie Lukacs!


Goodie bag sponsors included Vo Beauty Co., Soapstones Natural Skincare, RAERE lashes, Ponytail Mail, Consonant Skincare, and the delicious nud fud.

Yoga mats were graciously provided by lululemon stores The Local and Cumberland, allowing our attendees to just show up, without worrying about lugging around a yoga mat.


Tea for the workshop was provided by long-time Fitness by Jacflash sponsor, Safaroma. Safaroma was created in response to a desperate need to provide a channel for thousands of Afghan female farmers to sell their products at fair market prices, thereby doing away with unscrupulous middlemen and dominant distribution corporations. In 2016, they began work with the Ghoryan Saffron Farmers' Union and expanded as a trusted partner for other women's co-ops as well as individual farmers. We were drinking their Paradise Tea (an herbal blend with infused saffron) for the evening.

We were honoured to host The Wellness Witches, who led a fun and informative discussion about the solar plexus chakra.

Our yoga instructor Kay Ghajar (@kayghajar) then lead us in a one hour power yoga session. Her detailed, descriptive instruction and high energy made the class exciting, comprehendible and achievable for the women in the class who are all at different levels. As a special treat, we had Sophie Lukacs (@sophie.lukacs) playing the kora at the beginning and end of the yoga session. The kora is a 21-string lute-bridge-harp, which originated in West Africa. Sophie has been living and studying the kora in Mali for the past 3 years.

As always, we had lovely assistants Meredith, Jessica, and Ganna on hand throughout class helping everyone get deeper into each pose.

Raffle ticket prizes included two Safaroma tea + saffron sets, a facial care trio, and a free outfit rental from Boro. We love picking the raffle prize winners! Nat, one of the co-founders of Boro, joined us for the evening and helped us present the raffle prize to our lucky winner.

Swanky Yorkville Backyard Renovation

Spaces by Jacflash re-vamped this backyard in the heart of Yorkville into a luxurious and functional living space. We started with their existing dining set and swapped the old red umbrella and seat cushions for some rich, warm, grey and charcoal-toned ones to make the set feel more sophisticated. 

We mixed an inexpensive IKEA rug with a streamlined, luxurious Restoration hardware sectional, then paired the sectional with a unexpected wool blend of traditionally woven throw pillows. A round cement fire-pit doubles as a coffee table and adds elements of warmth and coziness to the space.  

As a final, unique touch, we filled a once cold and empty area of the backyard with a modern, custom wood shed installation and had Dynasty Toronto fill the space with potted plants.

08/19/18 Jaclyn's Birthday Workshop 1- Fitness by Jacflash, Women’s Booty Workshop with Trainer Lara Marquez and Krav Maga Instructor and Positive Lifestyle Enthusiast Kevin Yateman

On Sunday, August 19th we held a very special fitness workshop to celebrate Jaclyn's birthday!! Thankfully we had fans to beat the heat as trainer Lara Marquez led us in her BOOTY workout series and upper body burner. 

We had goodie bags filled with Jaclyn's favourite things - Rawcology coconut chips, Handfuel almonds, Routine cream deodorant, and Pure Anada mascara. 

Kevin Yateman led us in a discussion about self-defence and we saw an exciting demonstration by one of his rockstar students. 

Lara led another kick-ass workout and we had amazing trainers helping us through it! 

We ended with raffle prizes and amazing treats by Flying Chia, made especially for Jaclyn's birthday! 

Extra special thank you to Anita Sports for the super comfortable and supportive compression leggings!

HEXO Pop-up Shop on Queen Street West

We were thrilled to bring this project to life! In a few short weeks, we transformed the iconic New Era store on Queen West into a sensational pop-up experience. We couldn't make any permanent changes to the space as the pop-up would last just 3 weeks, then had to be demolished and cleaned in 36 hours, so we got creative! We built walls, ceilings, and floors over the existing walls, ceilings, and floors - framing, drywall, mud, sanding, then painting each room from ceiling to floor. We built four rooms, each with its own monochromatic theme as per the HEXO logo colours.  To match the HEXO colours we sourced the perfect fabric, then re-upholstered and painted all furniture pieces. 

Wolfpack August 18th FINALS-4239.jpg

Upon entering the space, one is greeted by a luxurious "speak-easy" plant shop. We built everything in the space - the mirrored surfaces, gold cash desk, acrylic pedestals. We lined the space with moss mounds and planted birch bark trees throughout. The plants were supplied by local plant shop, Dynasty Toronto.

This modern, clean, and bright design serves to welcome guests, who can enter the rest of the pop-up through nylon fabric strips.

After passing through the nylon "wall", guests are greeted by a neon blue HEXO logo and the option to enter two rooms. Down the stairs is the all-yellow room with lockers containing HEXO-branded apparel and a monochromatic HEXO logo, a perfect photo-op, below the bench. 

The blue room features a bed with Richard Clarkson cloud pendants hanging overtop. We added another dimension to the space by installing dynamic lights within the cloud fixtures.

Up a moss-covered staircase is the final room, an all-pink setup with an interactive mirror setup at its centre.