03/14/18 Fitness by Jacflash's Power Yoga Women’s Workshop with Yoga Instructor Kay Ghajar and Life and Soul Coach Catie Fenn

On Wednesday March, 14th from 7-9pm at Love Child Social House, Fitness by Jacflash hosted our third Power Yoga Women’s Workshop with Yoga Instructor Kay Ghajar and and Life and Soul Coach Catie Fenn

Goodie bag sponsors for the evening included Tumeric Teas, Vo Bath & Co, Arbonne, and The Local Lululemon

and tea was provided for the evening by the incredible Safa Roma Tea, a tea company that with every product you purchase, you help build a sustainable business that shapes the lives ofAfghan female farmers and their families.

In this workshop, life and soul coach, speaker, and practicing lawyer Catie Fenn spoke about how her carefully curated life came crashing down after she realized that outward success was never going to equal true happiness. She lead us in a meditation, self-inquiry based reflections and life changing discussion that empowered us to take our happiness to the next level and to create a life that feels exciting and fulfilling.

Our yoga instructor Kay Ghajar (@kayghajar) has been practicing yoga for almost 10 years. She began exploring different styles of yoga after taking courses in positive psychology, which informed on the benefits of yoga and meditation. After a traumatic life event in university and failed progression through traditional counselling, she started practicing yoga and keeping a gratitude jar, which began her healing process and changed her outlook on life.

Kay received her 200-hour teaching certificate at Power Yoga Canada and will lead us through an amazing Power Yoga session. Her detailed, descriptive instruction and high energy makes the class exciting, comprehendible and achievable for the women in the class who are all at different levels.


One of our regular assistant yoga instructors Meredith Marr (@meredimarr and @the.sweet..sweat.yoga.life) blessing us with her guidance and love throughout the workshop.

Can't WAIT to see you all at the next one!