03/25/18 Fitness by Jacflash, Women’s Back and Booty Workshop with Trainer Lara Marquez and Nutrition & Wellness Specialist Elisa Graci

On Sunday, March 25th our Sunday Workshop trainer Lara Marquez continued her BOOTY workout series and paired it with a BACK strengthener. Squats, thrusts, rows and more.

Nutrition & Wellness Specialist, International Speaker & Lifestyle Coach, Elisa Graci, also spoke to us about Sugar Busting and Optimal Health, since she thinks that we are "Sweet Enough Already." ;)

Thank you so much to our wonderful sponsors Flow Water, Handfuel, Usana, Sugar Toronto, 437 Swimwear, Active Escapes, Lawaiia, Crave Healthy Habits,  One Life Meals

and we had a beautiful booth with Nagi Energy Bars!


YOU can do it put your 🍑into it!

And extras special thank you to our assistant trainers Meg, Jacqueline and Ashley!