07/08/18 Fitness by Jacflash, Women’s Booty Workshop with Trainer Lara Marquez and Aesthetician, Skin Therapist and Acupuncturist Kacie Krecolowich

On Sunday, July 8th from 12:30-2:30 we held another fitness workshop with trainer Lara Marquez who heated up her BOOTY workout series with a shoulders burner. Squats, presses, dumbbell raises and more!
Sponsors for this workshop include:
OneLife Meals
Location: 99 Sudbury St, Toronto, ON M6J 3S7

Kacie Krecolowich is a Registered Acupuncturist with a studio in Yorkville called SILK + PALM. After spending 8 years as an Aesthetician and Skin Therapist, her own health journey brought her to Acupuncture where she competed a Diploma in Acupuncture at Eight Branches Academy of Eastern Medicine.

Her focus is to continue providing skin therapy through a holistic approach with Cosmetic Acupuncture and her own line of small batch, all natural skincare, while also focusing on Women’s Health and Hormones to bring a balanced state to the body and encouraging women to… glow with the flow!

During the workshop, Kacie explained exactly what Cosmetic Acupuncture is and how it works to benefit the skin. She also demonstrated a Gua Sha/ Jade Roller Facial massage to give the skin a silky glow!

For any questions or more information check out her website at…