Fitness by Jacflash goes on a fieldtrip to Krav Maga Toronto!

We were thrilled to host this special self-defence workshop at Krav Maga Toronto (KMT)! Rob Ferreira, owner and founder of KMT, led us through a series of exercises that can be applied to real-life situations. For example, we learned how to “pluck” in order to get out of a choke hold, and how to get on our feet if someone has us pinned down on the ground.

Goodie bags were sponsored by Genuine Health, Made Good, HUE, and Pure Anada. Fiji water and Revitasize juice kept us hydrated throughout the workout! We had special Fitness by Jacflash x KMT cards for everyone to reflect and write the top 3 things they learned in the workshop. Afterwards, Rob led everyone in a discussion about their experiences as women living downtown and we shared tips and tricks for safety.