Spaces by Jacflash Brings to Life a Parisian-Inspired Richmond Street Office

Spaces by Jacflash began this office project with a beautiful, blank space containing an abundance of natural light, white brick feature walls and black mullion windows. The one existing piece our client wanted to incorporate was a family heirloom: a black and gold, ornate desk of Parisian semblance. We designed the rest of the space to complement the desk, resulting in a romantic, yet masculine concept throughout. 

372 Richmond St West-4947.jpg

At the entrance of the office, we combined a tufted, tan leather bench, a marble and black coat rack and an antique framed map of Toronto. Our goal was to create an inviting energy for guests and clients to come in, take their coats off and make themselves at home. 

The CEO required an enclosed space to work privately, hold meetings and make calls, while still being able to supervise and collaborate with his staff. As such, we built a separate room for him in the corner of the office space. We built a half drywall wall on one side and a sloped triangle wall on the other, for additional privacy. We then installed custom, matte black mullion framed glass and a lockable door to match the building's original windows. We added a white, marble tulip boardroom table with black leather and wood chairs featuring brass accents and a jute rug to generate a homey feel in the private office space. On top of the boardroom table hangs a modern style, crystal chandelier light to add character and created a polished finish.

As space is limited for the nine staff who work in this office, we designed and built four two-sided, and one L-shaped, provincial stained wood desks with matte black legs and an extrusion for the staff to home their belongings. Atop each extrusion lays a black, custom mouse pad. 

Our client longed for a relaxed, refined vibe in the living area of the office, where meetings could be held and the staff could enjoy any time off. We paired a leather sofa with a grey, rounded chair, a marble coffee table and a set of three black and gold side tables. We added a grey area rug with accents of tan throughout, to tie in the tan accents throughout the space. We chose a seven-bulb floor lamp to sit aside the media unit and TV, and surrounded it with a Parisian-style moulding that continued across the room’s previously large, white, barren wall. 

Though the large room does not allow for plumbing, our client still wanted a kitchenette for the staff to use throughout the day. We designed a matte black, clean looking kitchen area, with a white marble high-top island counter. We paired this island with round, tan bar stools with black legs to complement the tan, leather bench in the entranceway. The kitchenette contains a hot and cold water cooler, a Nespresso coffee machine and a microwave for the staff to enjoy.  

As a finishing touch, Spaces by Jacflash swapped out the old, neon tube lights with double smoked glass, globe pendant lights and adorned the space with plants to elevate the organic and homey feel. Overall this space is professional, refined and cozy, a vision that our client imagined and we enjoyed bringing to life.