05/07/19 Fitness by Jacflash's 'Mother's Day' Power Yoga Workshop with Kay Ghajar and a Discussion on Gut Health and the Benefits of Kombucha with Zoey Shamai, Founder of Tonica

This Tuesday, we celebrated Mother’s Day with an incredible group of women at lululemon’s the attic!


Our amazing sponsors included Tonica, bare snacks, woodlot, eluo beauty, bend beauty and iremia skincare!


This workshop featured a talk on gut health and the endless benefits of Kombucha with Zoey Shamai, founder of Tonica, Kombucha.

Power yoga instructor Kay Ghajar then lead us into a one hour yoga session!

Extra Special thank you so our assistant trainers Meredith Marr and Jessica Abramczuk!

Photography by Alana de Haan