5 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Appear Larger

We all admire a beautiful, spacious bathroom. But who says small bathrooms can’t be transformed into the dream bathroom you’ve always wanted? It can be challenging, but check out our top 5 simple tips and tricks to upgrade your bathroom’s aesthetics and also make it appear larger than it truly is. 

1. White/Neutral Colours

White tiles, walls and fixtures, along with a neutral palette, can make a room feel light and spacious. Marble tiles have always been a timeless favourite.

2. Light

Windows are a great source of lighting. Try going for as much natural lighting as you can. Of course we need our privacy, but why not cover windows with a sheer curtain rather than an opaque curtain? Or invest in a frosted glass window or film. A light installation should be located on the ceiling, just above the mirror, and on the sides of the mirror. (see picture below)

3. Go BIG With Mirrors

As it comes with no surprise, mirrors are the most commonly used trick because they give us the illusion of a maximized space. Install a mirror from the vanity sink, all the way up to ceiling, and you’ll notice what a difference it will make.

4. Floating Furniture

This is a trick not a lot of people are aware of- floating furniture and even a floating sink, are great for small spaces because it will eliminate clutter. If you’re worried about storage, mount some floating/recessed shelves to store your extra bathroom essentials!

5. Glass

Glass acts as a transparent wall as it allows the eye to travel from each end of the room. Ditch shower curtains and use glass as a divider; it will give your bathroom a modern and crisp touch. 

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By: Leyla Kayhan