PUMA x Get Fresh Company Pop Up


Spaces by Jacflash was so happy to design the Pop Up shop for the reveal of the Puma x Get Fresh Company collaboration shoe. Toronto’s fashion scene is quickly escalating to one of the most influential cities in the world. Get Fresh was recognized by Puma because of their resilience and drive to be positive role models.  

The owner of Get Fresh Company, Jebril Jalloh, says “This collaboration is bigger than me. It’s for us, it’s for Toronto. It is for everyone that has a dream to do what they love.”


We took the concept behind this shoe and replicated it in the pop-up design. From the entrance to the back of the space, every design element tells a story of how Jalloh reached modern-day success with Get Fresh Company. We incorporated urban elements from the same era of his journey like shoes on a wire, license plates, cassette tapes, and a 90s TV.


Our favourite part of the final result was how the limited budget worked in our favour. Materials and previously used items that would for some, be seen as unusable, came together with ease and simplicity to create an overall show-stopping event.

The faux rooms were designed to look like 3D pop-up cards, representing each shoe. The rooms with a series of license plates, and cassette tapes represent when Jebril sold clothes and mixed tapes out of his car to make rent. These nostalgic elements are disguised in the same colour as the room, but still stand out because of there texture and signature shape.


The 90s Toshiba Television plays the Get Fresh Company fashion show from Toronto Fashion Week on a loop, reflecting how the past directly plays out the present. We painted this the same off-white as one of the shoes, and layered white skids to support it.


Instagram plays such a huge part in Toronto’s social scene, this is why we wanted to create a lot of seating areas that could not only be used for trying on your sneaker size, but also as photo-ops. The row of colour coordinated chairs are ‘lit up’ from a modern light pendant, in burgundy and almond colours. Staged in front of full length mirrors, this is a perfect spot to shop, and take a picture.