The Remy Locker Room


Spaces by Jacflash is thrilled to reveal our latest pop-up design for the Remy Locker Room. We designed the space for Toronto's Get Fresh, Ben Seh and Grey Matter and put it together in under a week for the NBA All Star weekend in Los Angeles.


We converted this barbershop by adding large inset displays for merchandise on both sides of the room, which are sitting on top of the old barbershop cabinetry. By taking away the barber chairs there was much more floor space to have some seating and a half court vinyl on the floor. A goal we had was to create a lounge area that still left enough room to mingle at the event. We chose high-end basketball net inspired chairs with a locker room looking bench and a mirrored coffee table to coincide with the mirrored display walls.


The concept was inspired by a basketball locker room with a lux urban edge. Both displays are lit


with custom neon arrows to highlight the Puma shoes and LED strips, which highlight the high gloss white paint and chain link fence feature. Surrounding both displays are clear mirrored acrylic panels which make the room look more spacious and can also be for selfies and to try the featured clothing on.


The use of acrylic is continued on the logo wall and DJ booth. We had the brand logos laser cut to be embossed on the mirrored acrylic instead of a flat vinyl. This way, the letters also look as if they are hovering above the mirror. We made a hollow dj booth with a removable bottom to take advantage of the custom basketballs we had made. Another small acrylic piece we designed were the 4 clear shelves that overlap the neon arrows to display shoes and accessories.


These basketballs are suspended 1' from the ceiling, alternating the Get Fresh and Remy logos in 4 rows, which make a dramatic entrance centered with the bar. They are also inside the custom DJ booth to create another visual interest. Behind the DJ booth are some custom made matte black lockers, with a live plant display box to tie into the plant wall behind the bar.


The bar was the existing cash desk, but we added a plant wall behind it to frame the gold basketball net hanging above the bartenders. This gold finish ties in with the gold bleachers, These bleachers were a great feature to create a second room for guests to have a seat outside, and create a photo op for social media.


For the furniture in the center of the room, we chose two leather chairs from Rapport International Furniture and a smoked mirrored coffee table from Modani. The Get Fresh mirrored coffee table underneath the hanging basketballs creates another interesting moment for people as they set their cocktails down. The bench was already in the barbershop, but also worked with our concept and doesn't visually block the entrance.


We incorporated a few fun elements like the basketball arcade game and keeping one of the barber chairs open. They encourage socializing and set the tone to be easy going and welcome guests to stay for a couple of cocktails.


This design came together quickly, but the outcome was so rewarding to see everyone enjoy themselves at this two day event. Thank you to anyone who came and showed support!