Shoe Vault @ The Ritz

shoe vault logo 2 Brought to you by the designers of Spaces by Jacflash, The Shoe Vault allows you to showcase your iconic shoe collection in a unique and stylish way. The Shoe Vault features a strong, clear, acrylic material with cutaway sides and a convenient hand slot. Both men's and women's sizes are available.


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All Shoe Vault designs are made custom to fit your space. Recently, a resident of the Ritz Carlton asked for his own Shoe Vault in his large walk in closet. This client wanted to fit as many shoes as possible, without losing the amazing view.


We designed our biggest Shoe Vault bank yet with almost 100 shoe boxes. The clear acrylic takes away almost none of the view, and still leaves our client with ample dressing space between his built-in cabinets and his Shoe Vault system.


The L-shaped layout forced us to get creative by designing a custom corner unit. This gives him room for 3 additional boxes, as well as a counter top where he can display all of his latest accessories. The bases are also made of acrylic which comes in a variety of colours; this client chose a simple glossy black.


Assembling and cleaning is a breeze. We take into account all room ventilation and outlets so there are almost no tools required to put together your system. Cleaning our high-end acrylic requires you to use an ammonia-free glass and plastic cleaner, which we provide for you.

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We cannot wait to do the photo shoot, and see how the final product looks with our client's extravagant shoe collection!