Superbowl Sunday Celebration: Perfect Outfit Ideas For Her

Article originally written for by Jaclyn GenoveseNice goal. Err, wait we meant point... well, you know what we mean. Watching the football game isn't every woman's favorite weekend activity, but how can you say no to a Super Bowl Sunday party? From rowdy friends to never ending snacks and how could we forget, the half time shows? This is the one game not even we can miss, but what should you sport this Sunday? We have scoured the web to find the perfect outfit ideas for you Superbowl celebration.

1. We've mentioned before how versatile blue jeans and a white shirt is and when it comes to football game attire, less is more (more or less).


2. Whether they made the play offs or not, sometimes you just gotta rep your favorite team.


3. Pair a sporty tee with unexpected, feminine bottoms.


4. Here's another piece we love to steal from our man. Pair his jersey with unpredictable pieces like a pea coat vest and leather culettes.


5. With it's typically boxy cut, throwing on a regular jersey as a dress can often leave you looking like you are drowning in mounds of mesh, but many designers made slim silhouetted versions of their own.


6. Slipping on your favorite pumps with a tracksuit may seem ridiculous, but we think this look is awfully cute, don't you?


7. Camo, sneakers, and leggings, this is pretty much every trend we love in one comfy look.


8. A sports tee and sneakers look all grown up when paired with leather leggings, a statement clutch and a wool trench.


9. Ah, the boyfriend jean. You're hanging with the boys today, so you might as well dress like them too.


10. If you're more of the preppy type, loosen up your look with a pair of sneakers in a bold hue.


11. Dress up your comfy leggings and sneakers with a glam faux fur jacket and firey, red lips.


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