Other Uses for Unused "Dining" Rooms

We all know that dining rooms can be underused to a lot of people. The room is only ever used on holidays and special occasions and there might be a better purpose for that extra square footage.  With the direction of the kitchen being the heart of the home, why would you want to host a dinner party in any other room? There are so many alternatives for this space that are much more beneficial, Jacflash has our top 6 that you could transform your formal dining room into.

  • Playroom

The good news is that this playroom is right off the room that is where most of the family is around so you can keep a close eye on the kids

  • Office

Many of us have the opportunity to work at home a couple days at week or full time so converting a room to be specifically dedicated to work only could really keep you more focused.

  • Entertainment Room/ Family Room

Another option is a secondary TV/Family room another benefit of it being so close to the kitchen, a lot of new houses are being built with a family sitting/ entertainment room next to the kitchen. Add in a few bookshelves and a nice rug to complete this remodel.

  • Bar Room

If you are a young bachelor or have a fine collection of sauvignon blanc that you would like to put on display, this room could transform into an at home wine room with a small sitting area to enjoy in your favourite glass.

Bar meets wine cellar...

Bar meets wine cellar...

  • Spare Bedroom

Some houses only come with 2 or 3 bedrooms and if you needed an extra room for guests or if you expecting another child this could be a  quick conversion for some added space.

  • Yoga Room

A unique idea for a room if you enjoy going to the gym and taking classes this could be your personal in home studio for yoga, palates, spinning or dance.


For inquiries on re modelling your space contact the Spaces by Jacflash team at jaclyn@jacflash.net