08/13/19 Are You Enough? A Meditation and Group Coaching Session Based Around the Stigmas of Women and Our Expectations with Nicole Divell

As my 34th Birthday approaches in a couple of weeks, I seem to be reflecting with my girlfriends more than ever.... (some approaching and some well into their thirties and fourties). We have discussed what is expected of us; children, relationships, financial status, social media presence, and even the pressure to look a certain way and under a certain age- we have outrageously unrealistic expectations put on us and it seems to only get harder with age. With Instagram being so powerful and sovereign today, it also seems to be near impossible NOT to compare ourselves to endless women’s lives that we scroll through on the daily.


With this being said, I decided to put together an intimate meditation and therapy workshop with my friend Nicole Divell, @radicaldivellopment, based around the stigmas of women and what is expected of us. The goal of this workshop is to further create a community and conversation for us women to feel that we are not alone in making our (albeit sometimes different from others’) own life choices and to guide each other in whatever we may be struggling with in our lives today. 


This workshop took place on Tuesday, August 13th at the beautiful POA Studio from 7-9pm.  

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Founder of Fitness by Jacflash, Jaclyn Genovese and Nicole Divell (ICF and CHCA Certified) will lead this 2 hour meditation and group coaching session. Nicole has a background in Journalism and Communications, and has traveled and worked in many realms that have opened her eyes to the truth of the human experience. 

"All we have is today" is a statement Nicole lives by to alleviate the pressure of "getting it all done" in a world where it never seems to be enough. We are either thriving or suffering, living or learning, choosing love or choosing fear. Nicole started her health and wellness and life coaching journey two years ago and is determined to create conversation around introspective change as a means to live our most authentic life. 

Thank you to our sponsors SPROOS, deew, GUUD HUMMUS, Living Libations and Safaroma Tea!

Thank you to our sponsors SPROOS, deew, GUUD HUMMUS, Living Libations and Safaroma Tea!

Nicole lead us in a meditation and a group discussion about STIGMAS. Beauty. Body Image. Fertility. Aging. Social Presence. Sexuality. Lifestyle Choices. Everything that us as women are constantly dealing with/fearing and feeling.

This Group Coaching Sequence was based around BELIEFS. What are we believing in for all of
this pressure to even be real? Once we can shift the belief, we can shift the idea
of lack. Once we shift the idea of lack, we become more in the present state. This can be applied to; I donʼt feel beautiful enough. I donʼt feel skinny enough. I donʼt feel visible in the world. I donʼt feel I'm where I should be. I want more for my life and donʼt know how to get it. I donʼt want to be alone. I'm afraid I wonʼt have a family. I'm afraid they are judging me. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING will be brought into discussion this evening.


Photos by Alana De Haan