We were thrilled to bring this project to life! In a few short weeks, we transformed the iconic New Era store on Queen West into a sensational pop-up experience. We couldn't make any permanent changes to the space as the pop-up would last just 3 weeks, then had to be demolished and cleaned in 36 hours, so we got creative! We built walls, ceilings, and floors over the existing walls, ceilings, and floors - framing, drywall, mud, sanding, then painting each room from ceiling to floor. We built four rooms, each with its own monochromatic theme as per the HEXO logo colours.  To match the HEXO colours we sourced the perfect fabric, then re-upholstered and painted all furniture pieces. 

Upon entering the space, one is greeted by a luxurious "speak-easy" plant shop. We built everything in the space - the mirrored surfaces, gold cash desk, acrylic pedestals. We lined the space with moss mounds and planted birch bark trees throughout. The plants were supplied by local plant shop, Dynasty Toronto. This modern, clean, and bright design serves to welcome guests into the space.

We created a wall with nylon strips to separate the plant shop from the rest of the pop-up. After passing through the nylon "wall", guests are greeted by a neon blue HEXO logo and the option to enter two rooms. Down the stairs is the all-yellow room with lockers containing HEXO-branded apparel and a monochromatic HEXO logo, a perfect photo-op, below the custom-built and upholstered yellow bench. The blue room features a bed with Richard Clarkson cloud pendants hanging overtop. We added another dimension to the space by installing dynamic lights within the cloud fixtures. Up a moss-covered staircase is the final room, an all-pink setup with an interactive mirror setup at its centre.