"I just got to see my place for the first time and it actually looks like a place now, which is crazy. It was in my brain and then I relayed it over to Jaclyn and then she did her magic. This is real life. I'm here, I'm an adult, I'm a distinguished gentleman now. They made it look classy. It looks incredible. I walked in and I was shocked! Quit wasting time, quit going to IKEA and doing it yourself, you don't know how to design, you don't know how to do anything. I don't know how to design, this is where Spaces by Jacflash comes in. "

- Jus Reign 

303 Fairlawn-1946.jpg

"The process was super easy. I didn't know what to expect because I've always just tried to choose my own furniture at hawk and now I am so grateful that we chose you. I loved meeting you for the consultation, you asked a lot of questions and I felt very heard and that you really understood where I wanted to go our home was very reassuring. Then after seeing all of your design proposals, I knew we chose the right people.  

-Ask Kimberly

patrick square.jpg

"Patterson found a permanent home in the Trump, where he employed the services of Jaclyn Genovese of Spaces by Jacflash to design the space. You can see a modern woman’s touch in the seamless eclecticism, between the classy glass shelves, mirrored coffee table and tasteful old-world decorations, such as an interesting steam-punk-esque lamp. But there’s also plenty of nods to Patterson’s individuality: a marquee 54, his number, welcoming you in his suite’s vestibule; a sign that reads “Patterson Way”; a large “P” hanging behind his couch. And you can’t miss the stacked boxes of his “infinite amount of shoes,” including his favourite pair of black-and-red Fieg x Buscemi 110MM, decorating his bedroom wall and lining his elongated walk-in closet. “I find that my lifestyle has improved since I now have an organized closet,” he says about his now colour-co-ordinated clothing, thanks to Genovese." 

-City Life Mag & Patrick Patterson

Jac House yonge eg-7101.jpg

“I can’t believe it’s my place; I’ve moved a thousand times since I moved to Toronto and I’ve never fully unpacked or decorated or even put pictures in my frames. Now I just want to stay home and stare at everything. I love how you took things I already had or loved and made it all work together.”

-Blake Carter

Jac Rachel Kitchen-0520.jpg

"It looks like a real adult lives here now! Pretty shocking. I just want to say a huge thank you to Jaclyn for doing this. It's seriously going to impact my life in such a more positive way. I've been working in my living room! I usually don't like working in my living room and now I do." 

-Rachel David